Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fire Mages being nerfed

Fire Mage - Getting Nerfed
Other things that need to be nerfed.

Of course I'm going to be unhappy about this. But not so much, I just have a few things to point out about other classes that I hope are being taken in account, and eventually nerfed. And a few pointers that Blizzard won't listen to.. Yes I will admit it; at the moment I can pretty much run in circles around people and destroy them.

But let’s talk about a Fire Mage vs a Shadow Priest or Rogue.

I (having the current overpowered fire buff) with over 1100 resilience die to a Shadow Priest casting 3-4 spells on me. (Shadow Word:Pain, Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word:Death) That is all it takes. If they are feeling like I might be a little bit of an inconvenience they throw a Mind Blast in there somewhere. If I encounter a Shadow Priest I have to either Ice Block or run behind a wall somewhere and try to Evocate, and even then I'm very likely to die. Today I got a Shadow Priest to 15% before he turned around Silenced me threw up some spells and I died. He didn't even have to do that. He has many more options, if he wanted to he could have Silenced me then healed himself to full. He could have Silenced me then Psychic Horror me then Feared me then /danced while 2 of his dots killed me. Also Living Bomb is dispellable and doesn't detonate when dispelled... So one of our important (Class/Spec Abilities) is now mute.

A Rogue can get me below 50% hp within his opener. Then avoid all of my damage with Cloak of Shadows which now makes them Immune for the first few seconds. Also Shadow Step to me if I manage to get half an inch away from him. Plus + they have given Rogues a heal ability… Are Mage’s going to have to live with their lack of healing ability forever. Warrior’s can heal through abilities, Warlock’s can heal through spells, Rogue’s can now heal, DK’s even have a healing attack, then the obvious Paladin, Priest, Druid, Shaman-healer classes. But Mages and Hunters – No luck. We have to deal with death OR we are forced to play frost.

What could Blizzard expect; they increased health by 6k maybe, depending on the class. Then they made Resilience worthless. THEN they increase the amount of damage output by everyone. Did they expect 6k hp to make up for ALL the other terrible decisions? We’ve seen this before Blizzard. Blizzard seems to be homogenizing the gear and affect of classes. They must think "If we make all of them the same then no one can complain about their class"..

When are they going to make it where PVP and PVE are two completely different worlds? When you’re PVPing everything changes, your stats change, your spells change (if necessary). This would get rid of the issues they keep having with PVP. Blizzard push’s our DPS up Up UP and doesn’t compensate for it with PVP gear or HP pools. If they would just make it so, when PVP is in affect a characters Damage is lower, and the abilities that are good for PVE but way too over powered for PVP are changed to benefit in another way, or completely take it away during PVP.

I realize that Blizzard does base the game off of the people who complain the most, and who make up the majority of their clientele. The majority must be Shadow Priest and Rogues at the moment ;-). I would say Mages as well, but I don’t remember seeing that many complaints, other than running out of mana in Arena’s due to no real mana regeneration capabilities. Evocate… Stop moving, and cast, you better hope to god no one see’s you. If they do they just have to walk over and silence/stun/fear/ANYTHING to stop you from getting any of that precious (ONLY WAY TO DO DAMAGE) mana back… When are we going to get Focus? Or Rage? Or Energy?

Just some thoughts, some ideas. But have no fear; this is all a pre-Expansion buff like before. It always happens so I don’t think I was too caught off guard. I can’t complain too much. I’m enjoying my Mage again :-).

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  1. wah...wah....WAH! lol. Hunters are always left out in the cold too.